IH Continuing Professional Development - 17th April

Publicado el 09 abr, 2021

Richmond Learning Platform is for everyone!

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"Richmond Learning Platform for distance learning"
by Ma. Eugenia Nuñez

9:30 a 10:45 hs.

Nowadays, having an online learning environment has become a MUST. The Richmond Learning Platform (RLP) is the place to go for all your digital resources. Online or offline, it provides students and teachers with a variety of tools to make practice fun and relevant.

Are you working with Achievers or Students for Peace? If so, do not miss the upcoming webinar. Apart from the course components, students will find a variety of extra online practice, games and more. Its features enable teachers to assign activities, send messages, start discussion forums, and even track their progress with just a few clicks.

RLP is certainly the best backup plan for your remote classes. Let´s keep on teaching and learning without borders. Join us and take a look for yourself!

"The Compass Platform: your best ally for online teaching"
by Paola Guevara

10:45 a 12:00 hs.

While most of us are experienced remote teachers by now, there is always room for improvement and fine-tuning. In this practical workshop we will explore the Compass Platform together and learn how to make the most of it in these virtual times.

By going over its features and possibilities, we will provide ideas to spice up your lessons and engage your students in a fun and challenging way. Boost their competence in English with eye-catching materials. Stimulate curiosity and creativity. Interact one-to-one and as a whole class in a safe learning environment.

Optimise time, effort, and resources by assigning our ready-made scaffolded activities. Take your lessons to the next level with the Compass Platform.

Sábado 17 de abril a las 9:30 hs.

Modalidad: charla online por plataforma Zoom
Duración: 1 hora y media. (9.30 a 12.00 a.m.)
Cantidad de participantes: ilimitada.
Workshop gratuito y exclusivo para nuestros colegios y centros asociados.

Por inscripciones enviar tus datos: nombre, apellido, e-mail, teléfono e institución a recepcion@ihmontevideo.com

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