IH Continuing Professional Development - 20th March

Publicado el 18 mar, 2021

Make the most of Give Me Five! digital resources using Navio .

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Make the most of Give Me Five! digital resources using Navio .

At IH Montevideo we are thrilled to invite you to come and join us next Saturday at 9 am on this practical online session in which Macmillan’s Pedagogical Consultant Mariela Burani will help us explore how to use Give Me Five! digital resources powered by NAVIO. With NAVIO you will find a flexible and complete presentation tool –all multimedia included plus flashcards, extra activities, and much more. For students, NAVIO offers them the digital pupil’s and activity book, and the 3D game that will ensure more exposure to the language in a gamified environment.

You can check macmillannavio.com for a sneak peek before our session. See you all on Saturday!

Consultor: Mariela Burani
Mariela Burani is a teacher of English graduated at I.E.S. Nº 28 Olga Cossettini, Rosario, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Language and Literature from UCEL University. She works as an academic consultant for Macmillan Education and has delivered many teacher training sessions throughout the country and Uruguay for this publisher. She also teaches young adults and adults and coordinates many Literature workshops.

Modalidad: charla online por plataforma Zoom
Duración: 1 hora y media.
Cantidad de participantes: ilimitada.
Workshop gratuito y exclusivo para nuestros colegios y centros asociados.

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